Confined Space Pallet Lifters


Our Storemax Confined space model 360 offers workers complete 360 degree access to the loaded unit. All moving components are contained within the diameter of the turntable top. There are no protrusions, projections or obstructions, eliminating reach-over zones and nip points. The fully contained turntable top eliminates entrapment of hands and fingers when it rotates, and a deep downturned side which covers all frame end openings, thereby removing any nip or entrapment points. The fully enclosed turntable also prevents water, rubbish and dust settling on the top frame.
No other Spring Assisted Pallet Leveler has:

  • One row set of 5 springs supplied with each unit. Each set of springs covers the nominated load range and can be removed simply and easily for low load weights. This is done without having to remove the turntable top or raise the top frame.
  • A spring changing tool is also supplied with each lifter unit which enables the springs to be changed safely by a single person in under 2 minutes.

All pallet levelers can be finished in either a zinc plated anti-rust finish, ready for use with food, chemical and pharmaceutical companies, or  standard black and yellow powder coat finish.