Special Product Soultions



Mobile Shelving

We provide unique storage solutions designed to fulfil special storage demands and storage of special products like Lean production, picking, garage and workshop products.


Very commonly known as Compactus System. A dust-free ideal storage and sorting solution for your files and other important documents. The friction free movement design enhances shelving mobility. Where efficient use of space is concerned, mobile shelving solutions offer many advantages.



  • This system can be fitted to any size room keeping in mind building constraints like pillars and ventilation shafts.
  • Only single aisle is needed at a given time,¬†enabling up to 200% storage capacity.Condense storage into a smaller area freeing up space for other uses.
  • Modular system allows for easy relocation and or extension
  • Minimal disruption to existing floor finishes
  • Minimal effort required to operate reducing operators strain and other related injuries.
  • Can be built to a specific color and finish.
  • Commonly used in Law Libraries, Public & Private Libraries, Heath Care Storage, Government departments, Fine Art Storage, Archival Storage



Steel Archive Shelving

This storage shelving is a versatile solution for storing any size parts bins, files by easily adjusting the shelves. This easy to assemble modular system comes in grey/white and off white colors. The light duty shelving system offers upto 40 kg per level however, a heavy duty system can be manufactured to suit load requirements.



  • Modular system allows for easy relocation and or extension
  • Shelves can be easily adjusted suit individual needs
  • Commonly used to store parts bins, small parts, files etc.