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Heavy Duty Shelving

Frame Height: 900mm, 1800mm, 2100mm, 2400mm, 3000mm,3600mm High
Frame Depth: 495mm, 650mm, 955mm and 1260mm.
Beam Length: 910mm, 1220mm, 1525mm, 1830mm, 2135mm, 2440mm, 2745mm, 3050mm Long
Overall Length inc. Post: Add 60mm per post to get overall bay length
Finish: Powder coated Dark Grey. Custom colours can be supplied.
Shelf Material: Particle board 18-19mm & Galvanised Mesh Decks available for selected sizes.

At Storemax we have a range of exclusive Heavy Duty Shelving for various storage needs. We can supply Light, Medium to Heavy Duty Shelving which has load carrying capacity from 150 kg - 400kg per level. Storemax Heavy Duty Shelving is very modular and is widely used in almost all industry.  Whether its a small workshop or busy distribution centre, everyone needs Light - Medium - Heavy Duty Shelving to store tools, packing material, boxes and other light inventory.

Heavy duty shelving is easy to assemble and can be installed in no time.   View our range, we hold large stocks which can be despatched immediately Australia wide.

No obligation quotes available.  Get in touch with us today on 1300 832 426.

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